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...a safe space for women to grow 🌱

They say it takes a village to raise a child...

But we believe it takes a village to live a fulfilled life. So we created Grown Woman TV to be the virtual village you need to grow in to the woman God created you to be.


Our podcasts are packed full of tips, tricks, tools, information and conversation on:

Health & Wellness

Mental Health

Dating & Marriage

Financial Literacy




Meet Our Hosts

Consider this the dream team of podcasting! Eight black women with a passion for black women coming together to create powerful, impactful content specifically for black women!


Hi. I'm Koereyelle.

Koereyelle is a former 3rd grade teacher who turned her $32,000 salary into a million dollar digital brand. She's been featured by Forbes, Black Enterprise, NBC, Fox, and Essence as an International Speaker & Multi-Media Personality for her service to women around the world.

Koe recently opened the Ellevate Content Studio in Atlanta as a one stop shop for podcasters and creatives who want professionally produced content to build their platforms. She's also a Podcast Producer who takes pride in amplifying the voices of black women.


As the Creator of Grown Woman TV, Koe is passionate about helping women make the money + get the honey! 

You can catch Koe all week long with brand new episodes of Girl Stop Playin, Dear Aunty & Wife'd Up, Now What? dropping on YouTube!

Follow Koe on Instagram @Koereyelle


By Us

Hi. I'm Carmen.

Carmen is a Howard University graduate, originally from Richmond, VA. She is the Founder & CEO of The Black Girl Social Club, and Executive Director of BGSC Jr., a nonprofit she founded for Black girls, ages 11-21 with a mission to provide support with academic, cultural, professional, and social development. She is also a published author, a former TEDX Host, and MC.

She's spent time on many red carpets, having interviewed celebs such as Will Packer, Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony and Sister Souljah to name a few. 


Carmen is honored to have been awarded the “Woman of Community” Award on behalf of the annual Galentine’s Day Gala for entrepreneurial women worldwide in February of this year. She was also awarded a seat on Martell Cognac’s Swift List for entrepreneurs making a difference in the community. 

Brand new episodes of Dear Aunty drop each Tuesday!

Follow Carmen on Instagram @Carmen.Nicole.Aziz

For Us


Hi. I'm
Q. Nicole

Q. Nicole is a woman who believes in the power of passion and the pursuit of purpose & although she thought that she was settled in her career as a real estate entrepreneur, after losing her Dad, she found herself, the achiever, struggling with depression and diagnosed with delayed PTSD.  She was no longer able to perform professionally or outwork the pain.  So she sought medical experts to help guide her next steps. 


After realizing that she had to make a treatment decision, she opted for cannabis in lieu of prescription options because it was plant-based and known to have positive therapeutic effects.  Her body almost immediately positively responded, she felt better both physically and cognitively.  So much so that she had to both share her experience with others and contribute to the expansion of the medical cannabis industry, which is why she endeavored to launch WH Farms Co.

Brand new episodes of The Canna-Coin Podcast drop each Friday!

Follow Q on Instagram @QNicoleMcnair


Hi. I'm Christine.

Christine is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Chicago native, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in July 2014 to help establish a well known, natural midwifery service. After obtaining her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Saint Xavier University and 8 years of labor and delivery nursing, Christine became motivated to pursue a Master’s in Science and Midwifery degree from Philadelphia University.  Christine has worked in a variety of settings, all of which have equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills required to provide safe and supportive home birth services.

Brand new episodes of The Birth Exchange Podcast drop each Monday!

Follow on Instagram @BirthByGrace


your hosts


Hi. I'm Alison.

Alison is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach who helps singles successfully secure the partners they deserve. In today’s sea of self- proclaimed relationship gurus, Alison's realistic, unfiltered advice stands out and has quickly landed her among the go-to experts in the dating & relationship space. With an extensive background in education and mental health counseling, Alison empowers women to reach their goals for committed, long-term healthy relationships by building self confidence and challenging limiting beliefs about love.

Brand new episodes of The Single Season drop on Saturdays!

Follow Alison on Instagram @AlignWithAlison


Hi. I'm Aneesa.

Aneesa is a serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker who received her Masters degree from Pepperdine University in Social Entrepreneurship and Change. She is the CEO of Bloom Credit & Co. where she teaches women how to have great credit and access business credit to invest in cash-flowing assets. 

She is also the Founder of Daisy Certified Nursing Assistant Academy, the first hybrid
model/online CNA school in Los Angeles

Brand new episodes of Pretty & Profitable drop on Thursdays!

Follow Aneesa on Instagram @AneesaGetaneh


your hosts


Hi. I'm Tekeishia.

Tekeishia is a dedicated wife and loving mother of four daughters, known for her unwavering commitment to her family. As a passionate minister, she spreads her faith and values to inspire others on their spiritual journeys. Tekeishia is also a tireless advocate for wives, using her platform to empower and support married women in various aspects of their lives. Additionally, she's a dynamic podcaster and YouTuber, where she shares her insights, advice, and experiences on marriage, parenting, and faith, helping to create a strong and supportive community for her audience.

Brand new episodes of Wife'd Up, Now What? drop Wednesdays!

Follow TK on Instagram @TKLee__


Hi. I'm Shanequa.

Shanequa is an author, creative educator and craft expert. She resides in Atlanta, GA with her son and daughter Kyler(6) and Kayla(10) where she creates lifestyle and craft content for moms and companies like Crayola, Brother, and Beacon Adhesives. Shanequa enjoys exploring the local community for fun and unique experiences, as well as indulging in international travel, shopping, crafting, and karaoke. Her mission is to inspire other moms to add a dose of creativity in their family’s everyday lives.

Brand new episodes of I Wish a Mutha Would drop on Mondays!

Follow Shanequa on Instagram @DashersCreations


your hosts

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